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We often see Chapel shopping for things like hats or cool outfits and really enjoying it, so here I wanted to show her being very kid-like and whining about having to go shopping. Chapel is pretty mature, but of course she still frequently acts her age and has to get dragged around (literally). Luckily, her mom finds a way to keep Chapel from getting bored….

Because I’m mildly obsessed with drawing details, I added lots of intricacies and hidden gags to the shops that Chapel is walking past. Can you spot them all?

I’m still recovering from mono, but happy to be back doing my strip!
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I love the mall. Chapel apparently isn't into the groove that nearly ever girl I know is.
ilovepie81 11/1/13 reply
Chapel certainly does her own thing, that's for sure.
 Emma  11/2/13 reply
What? How can Chapel not like malls?!?!? They have movie theaters and resturants and shops, but way too many Victora's Secret's.
Lucy C. 6/19/13 reply
Maybe the malls near Chapel aren't any good, and only have stores she isn't interested in.
 Emma  6/20/13 reply
Boy, I wish MY mall had an arcade....then again, maybe better that it doesn't. You'd never get me out of there.
GG 5/31/13 reply
Yes, it could be a time-suck...
 Emma  5/31/13 reply
Was "Andy's Arcade" referring to Andy from Toy Story?

And I spotted the Wreck-It Ralph console in the arcade. :) <3
GG 6/8/13 reply
My favorite is definitely the sign on Andy's Arcade that says "No Sore Losers!"
The exclamation point is a great touch, too.
NefariousDrO 5/22/13 reply
Thank you! I had fun with it.
 Emma  5/24/13 reply
Ha! Love the 'Olive Oil Boutique'!!!!
Missy 5/22/13 reply
Thank you!!
 Emma  5/24/13 reply
This reminds me of my cousin
Julie 5/19/13 reply
I take it your cousin doesn't like shopping at the mall!
 Emma  5/21/13 reply
Are you going to the maker faire, Emma?
Miss L.S.P 5/18/13 reply
No, I haven't gone in a few years! I hope it was fun, though!
 Emma  5/21/13 reply
It was pretty good! Coke and mentos show was fun! :) It wasn't the MOST fun but it was okay!
Miss L.S.P 5/22/13 reply
Why does the Clothes Horse lady in the background have no hair? (the blond pony-tail one)
Viv 5/18/13 reply
it's probably a manikin in the store.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/18/13 reply
Yup...I agree... You can see she's on a stand...
Miss L.S.P 5/18/13 reply
No, not that one. The one under the SHIRTS poster...she has no hair on her forehead!!! SO WEIRD.
Viv 5/20/13 reply
again, it's probably another manikin. Miss Emma really tries to not draw any other people in her strips besides Chapel and Barnaby.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/21/13 reply
Yes, very true.
 Emma  5/21/13 reply
It's still a mannequin, which is why she has no facial features. I wouldn't draw random people in a store, since Chapel and Barnaby are usually the only ones show in the comic!
 Emma  5/21/13 reply
Focus is on the Main Characters!
Lights, Cameras, Action!!!
Viv 5/21/13 reply
The Great
Viv 5/20/13 reply
Yes, it is! Good eye.
 Emma  5/21/13 reply
It's a mannequin, like the ones in the front window!! So, the hair is pretty sparse.
 Emma  5/21/13 reply
Lol get away you smell like feet are you gonna see the new Star Trek movie
Yarin 5/18/13 reply
probably not. I've not warmed up to the new Star Trek movies. I MIGHT see the new Superman Movie.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/21/13 reply
I'm not sure yet. I wanted to see it, but it didn't get very good reviews.
 Emma  5/21/13 reply
Haha thank goodness for that store!
Miss L.S.P 5/17/13 reply
Yes, it saved Chapel's mom having to put up with hours of whining!
 Emma  5/21/13 reply
I'm always like that. You must have read my MIND Emma!
Viv 5/17/13 reply
I've read Miss Emma's mind, Miss Emma reads your mind. I'm starting to see a trend here.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/17/13 reply
Of course, Dr.Taxil Necrobane The Great. (^-^) jk
Viv 5/18/13 reply
if you wish to call me "The Great", i would gladly accept it. ^^
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/18/13 reply
Ha ha!
 Emma  5/21/13 reply
Ha ha, I'm so glad it resonated with you!! I enjoy reading people's minds through my comics...
 Emma  5/21/13 reply
Video Game Arcades? Sweet Jesus, does THAT bring back memories. row upon row of game cabinets of classic games most of which i would bet half of the posters in here have never played much less seen.

i spent several pocket fulls of quarters in those places when quarters meant real money in those days.

the last one in my region of the world closed up shop in the mid '90's. The growing internet and then exploding home gaming platforms doomed the old Arcade shop to the dust bins of history.

if there are any Arcades left in the USA, i bet you could count them on your own fingers of those left in operation.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/17/13 reply
There are arcades near my house that do quite well! While they're more rare nowadays I don't think they're totally extinct yet.
 Emma  5/17/13 reply
that one near you is likely a rare relic and the large population of the area you live in Miss Emma is what is keeping it open. knowing what economic condition and over bearing regulation CA has, it might not last all that long either. go take pics of it and burn it's memory into your mind as best as you can, it might not be around much longer.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/17/13 reply
There actually is a second hand store near my town called "The Clothes Horse". I may have bought a ridiculous amount of clothes there once.
5/17/13 reply
Wow, that's so cool! I didn't know there were any stores with that name in real life, but it's neat to hear about it.
 Emma  5/17/13 reply
I would shop at Boots Bonanza... I may have a problem with boots. =D
Miles 5/17/13 reply
Oh, I remember that now! Maybe I was subconsciously thinking of your boot collection when I drew that store.
 Emma  5/17/13 reply
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