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The light bulb design on Chapel’s computer is the logo for the Newton, a tablet that my dad created back when he worked at Apple. This is my tribute to him and all the sleepless nights he worked on the project.
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as a real person i have found myself on the internet seriously chapel is just like me right down to the glasses
rowan rhed 3/8/13 reply
Ha ha!! That's great! I always love hearing from people who identify with Chapel...do you have red hair, too?
 Emma  3/8/13 reply
3rd panel is hilarious! Also, how could Chapel not know about Lady Gaga?
Clockwork Wombat 10/12/12 reply
At this point in time, Lady Gaga wasn't too popular. This strip is old!
 Emma  3/8/13 reply
HA HA!! I like her computer!
Ellie 6/19/12 reply
I know, it's fantastic!
 Emma  3/8/13 reply
Blarb123 1/19/12 reply
Thank you!
 Emma  3/8/13 reply
does lady gaga really wear hats?
Ginny Weasley fan 12/22/11 reply
Yes, she totally does!
 Emma  3/8/13 reply
Your father is now my official hero! I was never so sad as when my beloved Newton died and was replaced by an emate 300. Ew. Miss that little green rectangle of joy.
CDGuy 12/7/11 reply
Oh my goodness, I'm so happy you like the Newton! It's his baby project.
 Emma  3/8/13 reply
I think chapel looks very cute in the last panel. I have tried to make endless comic strips, but you do a heck of a lot better than I do!
Ginny Weasley fan 11/4/11 reply
Awww, thanks so much! That really means a lot to me. That last panel was one of the few instances when I got Chapel's expression exactly right in my initial sketches.
 Emma  11/5/11 reply
I'm currently trying to make a comic based off of a book. As a teen, I have found your comic inspiring and look up to it. *salutes*
LS 8/6/11 reply
Thank you! That's the best thing I can hear, and it's great to know that other comic-making teens like my work. If you ever want to chat, feel free to email me on the "Contact Us" page below!
 Emma  10/16/11 reply
Congratulations and much encouragement to you for pursuing your passion. I whole-heartedly encourage you to keep going — you're doing well :)
6/18/11 reply
Aw, thank you! Reading comments like this one really inspire me to keep going and make the best strips I can. :)
 Emma  10/16/11 reply
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