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Happy Fourth of July! Season Six starts officially next week. I was travelling the past few weeks and got to exhibit at Kids Read Comics convention in Ann Arbor, Michigan. While I was there, I taught a class at 826 Michigan, gave a talk, presented at the Kids Comics Revolution awards, and toured some local schools giving lectures. Now I’m all rested up and excited to be making comics for you guys again!
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Now that the misconceptions have been dealt with, I imagine the Chapel-Marzia duo will get into some crazy adventures together! I wonder how Marzia will take to Rupert... is she a pet lover like Chapel?
Tom 7/21/14 reply
Well, Marzia DID say before that she's an equestrian...so she must love horses!
 Emma  7/22/14 reply
She definitely should consider a vespa ;)
Miss L.S.P 7/20/14 reply
Absolutely!!!! I think Vespas are so cute...
 Emma  7/22/14 reply
I feel so ashamed..... but.... what is a vespa?
Lala 7/23/14 reply
Don't feel ashamed! They're like cute little motorcycles....I think they're often found in Italy, where Marzia comes from....Emma is probably more of an expert than I am!
Miss L.S.P 7/23/14 reply
And now that it is established that Marzia is a normal pubescent girl, we might see some shenanigans now that little Chapel has a new friend to hang out and share the magnificence of hedgehogs and hats :)
DrAngryEd 7/19/14 reply
Exactly!!! I think they will get along well...
 Emma  7/22/14 reply
A Vespa? Well, I can understand your view of wanting one. For myself, I want Tron Legacy Bike. Yes, they are real and there is a company that makes and sells them. Yes they light up. Yes there is both a Gas and Electric versions. Yes, it is also street legal. It can hit 120 mph as well.

But I'm sorry to tell ya Miss Emma, it's more than likely too big for you, Chapel, or Marzia to ride on.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 7/18/14 reply
Wow, that's interesting! I never knew those existed.
 Emma  7/22/14 reply
Still keeping up with that pen pal project Miss Emma?
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 7/22/14 reply
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