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Fans of this comic can pre-order Barnaby’s new decorating book, “Buy Your Sister’s Forgiveness Through Cutesy Decorations.” Alternatively, one could just fall into the black hole that is Pinterest.
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Marzia is so cute!
Sam Tweedle 8/1/14 reply
I Believe that Barnaby has earned his forgiveness now.

He better be careful, our new guest just might fall for him!
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/1/14 reply
Whoa! The treehouse looks pretty cool! I wonder if that's enough of an apology for Chapel.....^^
Miss L.S.P 8/1/14 reply
Maybe by the end of the arc Barnaby will get himself a new fangirl
DrAngryEd 8/1/14 reply
This looks like it must've taken some time to put together! Barnaby must've been planning this for a while...
Tom 8/1/14 reply
Wow, Barnaby really outdid himself on this one!
Harrison 7/31/14 reply
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