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Language learning is hard…or not! It’s always funny to find similarities to English in other languages, because English is such a pastiche of so many other things. Have you learned any other languages? I speak Spanish, but I’m half-Italian, so I’d definitely like to try my hand at learning Italian someday.
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I am starting to think that one of three events have happened to Miss Emma.

One: Miss Emma might have lost her drive to make new comics and drop this all together.
Two: Something tragic has happened to Miss Emma and we need to pray for her.
Three: She's been kidnapped and we have to form a team to track her down and rescue her.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 10/19/14 reply
I agree. The most likely option is the first, though I think we should all be understanding if Emma chose to stop making comics. After all, she's probably really busy and we have to acknowledge the fact that she has kept up with this ambitious comic-a-week for years now…
Isabella 10/20/14 reply
Hi guys! I HAVEN'T stopped making the comic, don't worry. It's just that literally ALL of my free time is taken up with college apps! Deadlines are coming up soon so it's crunch time right now with portfolios for art schools, but I will definitely keep you guys updated. I would NOT stop Chapel without advance notice, don't worry! Thanks for being patient!
 Emma  10/20/14 reply
Seriously people. Some of you need to just chill a bit. As a writer who had to recently step back a bit, sometimes life happens and you need to take a break or burn out. Emma is one of the most inspired modern cartoonists in North America today, but she is MORE than just a cartoonist. Patience people. The best is yet to come. Let her do her thing and more will follow. Yeesh.
Sam Tweedle 10/22/14 reply
Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please put up a new comic!
I miss Chapel and her hats so much… :)
Isabella 10/19/14 reply
I will put one up soon -- either this week or the next! Thanks for your patience!
 Emma  10/20/14 reply
Has the name of the cafe always been Gallifrey Espresso, and I just didn't notice it 'till now? That's awesome.
Comic Lurker 10/15/14 reply
I hadn't noticed that until you pointed it out, that's one of the things I love about this comic, she always has these little "easter eggs" scattered about in the background.
Nefarious Dr O 10/18/14 reply
Ooh, look what's across the street: "Torchwood Nightclud"!
Nefarious Dr O 10/18/14 reply
I love discovering little things like these…
Torchwood Nightclub, and what's that to the left… Pet Supplies and Grooming!
Isabella 10/19/14 reply
And there is also a 'British Imports' store, you might add
Miss L.S.P 10/20/14 reply
I think it has… :)
Isabella 10/16/14 reply
I need a new comic! 10/15/14 reply
So do I… :(
10/15/14 reply
In this cause Blue is actually native to English and borrowed into Italian. It was borrowed into French from Frankish (a germanic language) and then from French into Italian.
10/14/14 reply
TGIF everyone!!!😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
Arteimis1010 10/10/14 reply
Did you know that English is based off of Latin?
Arteimis1010 10/11/14 reply
Isabella 10/12/14 reply
StoneSoup13 10/11/14 reply
OMG OMG OMG!!!! I <3 your comics!!!
Can't wait for the next comic strip!!!!
I keep going on Chapel Chronicles every 5 mins to check if you magically updated the comics but i guess every Friday is fair enough! I wouldn't even be able to make a good comic strip even in a million years!!! You have a big talent!!!! :]

∞∞∞∞∞∞ Infinity & Beyond
Logan 10/9/14 reply
Thank you so much Logan! Sorry I haven't been updating lately, but you will see some new comics soon! Thank you so much!
 Emma  10/20/14 reply
Same here– I am so excited for the new comic and I agree that they are amazing!!! (I think this is the fourth time I've checked your site today, Emma!)
Isabella 10/10/14 reply
I'm going to die!!!! :(((( When is the new comic strip coming????
Don't keep us waiting Emma!!!!

- Hope

10/11/14 reply
I love your comic!! There are so addicting! I showed them to my best friend and now she full on reading it 24 hours a day!!! Can't wait for the next comic page now!!
Regan 9/30/14 reply
There will be a new one soon! My tests are over (even though my college apps aren't), but I was knocked out sick for a little while, hence the delay in updates.
 Emma  9/30/14 reply
I hope you will get well soon! and I hope you did well in your tests! :]
Regan 10/2/14 reply
Pleeeease put up a new comic… [Sad face]
I miss Chapel sooooo much!
9/29/14 reply
I'm glad you like Chapel! There will be a new comic soon - hopefully this week.
 Emma  9/30/14 reply
I love your comics! Stone Soup,too!
Emma please write back!
StoneSoup13 10/11/14 reply
I can't wait for the new comic any longer!!!! :)
Isabella 9/23/14 reply
There will be one soon, Isabella! Sorry it's been a while.
 Emma  9/30/14 reply
Been missing your comics!
Hope all of the testing isn't giving you the blu-s!! (I know that was crude and ill formed, but I felt it had to be done '-.-)
9/19/14 reply
Thank you! My tests are over now, although I'm still in the midst of college applications. Check back soon for a new Chapel!
 Emma  9/30/14 reply
preach :)
9/27/14 reply
Please please put up a new comic
I love them
9/12/14 reply
I'll have one up soon!
 Emma  9/15/14 reply
if nothing happens by the 15th of October, I am dropping this strip until such time as Emma has time for it.
scfijoe 9/30/14 reply
Hello! There should be a new strip this week - thanks for being patient! There would've been one earlier as my tests are done, but I unexpectedly fell sick.
 Emma  9/30/14 reply
hi, I am sorry that you fell ill. I know the feeling all too well. Hope you feel better and that you have 'done good', on your tests.
scifijoe 10/1/14 reply
Miss Emma has been kinda quiet for some time now. I hope nothing happened to her. It isn't like her to not even leave a note before she drops off the net like this.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 9/11/14 reply
Same here.
PizzaLover 9/13/14 reply
Yea totally
Artemis1010 9/12/14 reply
I really hope she's okay. I'm starting to worry a little.
Verdande 9/12/14 reply
I've been SUPER busy with ACTs and college applications, so Chapel can't be the top of my priority list! I'll be back next week.
 Emma  9/13/14 reply
I was wondering if delays like this were coming up this year. My recollection of senior year in HS is a scholastic crunch ratcheting up right through the AP tests (with second semester finals something of an anti-climax).
oddment 9/17/14 reply
Miss Emma LIVES!
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 9/14/14 reply
Yey! I can't wait!!
Izzy 9/14/14 reply
Being Canadian a tad bit of French but I can't say much more than "My name is dog" or "my name is snowman" or "my name is Celine Dion" which really doesn't help me out in any situations.

I love French music though. I am going to send you a CD of some of my favorite French musicians. I'll try to put one together by the end of the week. Perhaps we can trade for a Chapel sketch to frame for my office? :D
Sam Tweedle 9/8/14 reply
Aww, of course I'll send you one! I can't wait to hear it!
 Emma  9/15/14 reply
This is hilarious!
Hannah 9/5/14 reply
Thank you!
 Emma  9/15/14 reply
This is so funny! I love Chapel's expression in the last panel!
isabella ( 9/1/14 reply
Thank you so much!
 Emma  9/15/14 reply
English German Esperanto and Klingon
Dylan 8/30/14 reply
 Emma  9/15/14 reply
Living in Canada, we are taught french, I would love when I'm older to learn it fluently
Trix 8/28/14 reply
That makes sense. I'd love to learn French, too.
 Emma  9/15/14 reply
amazing! isn't it weird how in a lot of languages, "blue" is more or less made of the same letters and pronounced somewhat similarly? blu, bleu...it's weird, but cool!
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 8/24/14 reply
Oh my goodness is this the original Harry Potter PWNS ALL? I feel like I haven't seen you comment in ages!
Miss L.S.P 8/24/14 reply
IT IS ME!!! i just reappeared last week! this is ava, right? it's so nice to talk to you again! ahh!
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 8/29/14 reply
well not ava, because my name is secret (haha) but YES! I hope you'll comment more again!!! Nice to take to you again!!!!
Miss L.S.P 8/29/14 reply
*talk >.<
Miss L.S.P 8/29/14 reply
ahhhHHH YAY! it's actually something that reminded me of you that prompted me to come back! i'm so happy i did - we all need to catch up!
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 8/30/14 reply
Really? Wow! We totally need to catch up!
Miss L.S.P 8/30/14 reply
totally! so much has happened!
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 9/3/14 reply
I know, right? What's been happening?
Miss L.S.P 9/3/14 reply
i'm a junior in high school, i've drawn and written a lot more, i've been in theatre...it's been awesome and frightening! just the fact that i'll graduate next school year is mind-boggling to me. how about you? and you, emma?
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 9/5/14 reply
Its been great! School is good... ^^ you like writing? Or making comics? I like doing that too!
Miss L.S.P 9/9/14 reply
i loooove writing! i like to draw as well, but that's mostly fan art of things at the moment haha. yayyy!
so what's happened since i left??? it seems like mostly everyone that used to comment is still here, which is awesome considering i've known about this webcomic since 2012 :)
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 9/10/14 reply
Yeah! Some of them are, and there are a lot of new commentors!that's so cool that you love to write!
Miss L.S.P 9/10/14 reply
thanks! do you still draw a bunch? i hope so, you're great!
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 9/12/14 reply
Thanks so much! I do enjoy drawing now...have I showed you my drawings before? By the way, I wonder if Emma is okay....its been a while...
Miss L.S.P 9/13/14 reply
yeah really...i'm wondering where she is! it's been weeks since the comic was updated...i'll check around her various social medias!
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 9/13/14 reply
the latest i've seen her post was on september 2nd...hmm. i hope everything's cool!
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 9/13/14 reply
NEVERMIND. SHE POSTED HERE. i didn't read haha
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 9/13/14 reply
Yes, i did!
 Emma  9/15/14 reply
Oh yay!
Miss L.S.P 9/13/14 reply
I learned a Little German, I learned a bit more of Japanese, but I really took to learning Celtic. Many people wonder why they should learn French. I'll tell you why. Over a 1/3rd of Africa speaks French!

The more you know now!
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/23/14 reply
Celtic! Wow! I'd love to learn French someday, so I could have all the romance languages under my belt...and because many of the great comics are in French!
 Emma  8/23/14 reply
I know American Sign Language and a little bit of Spanish, but that's it.😄😄😄😄
Artemis1010 8/22/14 reply
ASL is so cool! I respect that you know it!
 Emma  8/23/14 reply
Thanks! I actually started to learn it b/c I have a cousin whom is Deaf. But now I'm learning it b/c it's fun!😄😄😄
Artemis1010 9/12/14 reply
Fancy Italian there, Chapel! :)
Miss L.S.P 8/22/14 reply
Yes...so fancy.
 Emma  8/23/14 reply
I could recommend Duolingo. But sometimes the exercises make use of lidicrous sentences. It's still useful and fun, but that detail makes me facepalm sometimes.
I am still looking forward for a faithful meeting between Mr. Johnson and Marzia...I have this feeling that their competition will be more amicable than the ones with Chapel, unless Marzia is a bad loser.
DrAngryEd 8/22/14 reply
Yes! I've heard of Duolingo...I'll have to check it out!
 Emma  8/23/14 reply
Correction: fateful meeting.
DrAngryEd 8/22/14 reply
I learn German in school and some of the words are very similar to the English translation.
Do you like learning Spanish or would you like to try something different one day?
PizzaLover 8/22/14 reply
I love speaking Spanish! I'm already fluent in it, so I'm sort of "done" learning it (besides just the upkeep of polishing my skills). I'd love to learn more languages, though!
 Emma  8/23/14 reply
Ooh, an Italian lesson! I do love learning bits of other languages, even if it's just a few words... good for Chapel!
Tom 8/22/14 reply
Yes, good for her!
 Emma  8/23/14 reply
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