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Language learning is hard…or not! It’s always funny to find similarities to English in other languages, because English is such a pastiche of so many other things. Have you learned any other languages? I speak Spanish, but I’m half-Italian, so I’d definitely like to try my hand at learning Italian someday.
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amazing! isn't it weird how in a lot of languages, "blue" is more or less made of the same letters and pronounced somewhat similarly? blu, bleu...it's weird, but cool!
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 8/24/14 reply
Oh my goodness is this the original Harry Potter PWNS ALL? I feel like I haven't seen you comment in ages!
Miss L.S.P 8/24/14 reply
I learned a Little German, I learned a bit more of Japanese, but I really took to learning Celtic. Many people wonder why they should learn French. I'll tell you why. Over a 1/3rd of Africa speaks French!

The more you know now!
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/23/14 reply
Celtic! Wow! I'd love to learn French someday, so I could have all the romance languages under my belt...and because many of the great comics are in French!
 Emma  8/23/14 reply
I know American Sign Language and a little bit of Spanish, but that's it.😄😄😄😄
Artemis1010 8/22/14 reply
ASL is so cool! I respect that you know it!
 Emma  8/23/14 reply
Fancy Italian there, Chapel! :)
Miss L.S.P 8/22/14 reply
Yes...so fancy.
 Emma  8/23/14 reply
I could recommend Duolingo. But sometimes the exercises make use of lidicrous sentences. It's still useful and fun, but that detail makes me facepalm sometimes.
I am still looking forward for a faithful meeting between Mr. Johnson and Marzia...I have this feeling that their competition will be more amicable than the ones with Chapel, unless Marzia is a bad loser.
DrAngryEd 8/22/14 reply
Yes! I've heard of Duolingo...I'll have to check it out!
 Emma  8/23/14 reply
Correction: fateful meeting.
DrAngryEd 8/22/14 reply
I learn German in school and some of the words are very similar to the English translation.
Do you like learning Spanish or would you like to try something different one day?
PizzaLover 8/22/14 reply
I love speaking Spanish! I'm already fluent in it, so I'm sort of "done" learning it (besides just the upkeep of polishing my skills). I'd love to learn more languages, though!
 Emma  8/23/14 reply
Ooh, an Italian lesson! I do love learning bits of other languages, even if it's just a few words... good for Chapel!
Tom 8/22/14 reply
Yes, good for her!
 Emma  8/23/14 reply
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