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Hey guys! Are you excited for Chapel to leave on her big adventure? I know I am! What do you think will happen?

Also, I’m going to be designing the costumes for one of the plays in a theater festival put on by a Tony-award-winning theater near where I live. I’m very excited and I’ll give you guys updates about the design process as I work on it!
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I'm sorry for the movie home I know you were looking forward to the smekday movie and apparently it's not very good
Yarin 3/27/15 reply
I know, right! I saw the trailer/commercials and my first reaction was that it was a rip off of the 'True meaning of Smekday', and turns out it's based off of the actual book! I'm sure it'll be really different though :/ It'll probably be on the 'safe' side for children... (I've read only about halfway of The True Meaning of Smekday, but's its pretty exciting!)
Miss L.S.P 3/27/15 reply
I am a little cranky because I am only 8, and this comic has been here since before Christmas. I may be impatient, but you should learn to wait for the comic. Emma must have a lot of things going on, and that is the only reason that she would not post. So everyone, calm down. I know thus comic ended in a cliff hanger, but calm down.
Ann 3/8/15 reply
Actually since December 20th. So...
Ann 3/8/15 reply
This is just random... Nobody has been saying anything about Emma updating Chapel for awhile... I have no clue why you posted this
Regan 3/11/15 reply
She was most likely just looking over past comments and didn't realize how long ago they were posted...she's just trying to help, no harm in that...(^^)
Miss L.S.P 3/11/15 reply
Well i certainly agree with you but I just wondered why she would post this. I didn't mean to sound rude.
Regan 3/12/15 reply
I am sorry if I came across that way!
Ann 3/13/15 reply
Nah, it's okay. I didn't want to sound rude or anything but i'm sorry anyways. :]
Regan 3/13/15 reply
No, its okay! I was just clarifying what I think she met :)
Miss L.S.P 3/13/15 reply
Well um thanks Miss L.S.P! Your really very kind! Anyone would be lucky to have a great friend like you :]
Regan 3/21/15 reply
Oh, thank you! You're very sweet! I doubt I'm a very good friend, but I appreciate the compliment. :) You seem like a very nice person as well!
Miss L.S.P 3/27/15 reply
Thank you Miss L.S.P!
Logan 3/30/15 reply
Oh wait. I'm sorry. This wasn't supposed to be posted here! Really sorry! I have no clue how this got posted....probably my sister. Gosh sometimes having older siblings could be tough (especially their pranks) :D . Anyways really sorry for posting that.
Logan 3/30/15 reply
Haha, its alright :)
Miss L.S.P 3/31/15 reply
I really enjoy how this comic shows what chapel values
Ann 3/29/15 reply
Yep! Me too! I just adore this comic! I wonder what i would do without it....My life would be pretty boring without this.
Logan 3/30/15 reply
Haha yea. This comic means a lot to me too!! I'm just glad I can make some new friends from one of my favourite webcomics.
Logan 3/30/15 reply
Hey, you may not even remember me, it's been a while after all. Good luck with colleges and schoolwork and all that /fun/ stuff. Haha. Don't worry about the comic your readers will come back when you do. You've done something right cause even after all this time I still thought to come check back in and see how things are going.
blaidd drwg 2/25/15 reply
I'd also like to apologize for being away so long and for not checking in sooner.
blaidd drwg 2/25/15 reply
... 2/26/15 reply
See asking her for comics is really unnecessary and rude. It's obvious that we would all like her to continue her work on this comic and we all would like another comic, but simply asking for or demanding a new one shows an incredible lack of respect for Emma as an artist and as a person. If you really love her comic and want a new one, go ahead and tell her that you love and appreciate the comic, but don't continually ask for a new comic. She'll get around to making a new one when she can and I am certain that she is fully aware of how long it's been that she hasn't been doing the comic. You aren't helping her and you aren't inspiring her to make a new comic and if anything you are probably making her feel less like making a new comic and just adding to any stress that she might be under. Give it a rest already.
blaidd drwg 2/26/15 reply
I 100% agree with you! I have been trying to say the same thing the past few weeks!

Well said! :]
Logan 2/28/15 reply
Same here!
Lisa 2/28/15 reply
Yes! I totally agree!
Miss L.S.P 3/2/15 reply
Hello, Miss L.S.P., I think I remember you, can't say the same for the other two though. :/
blaidd drwg 3/2/15 reply
I think I remember you too! Its been a while since any of the older fans have commented / responded. But I'm glad you said something. People constantly demanding a new comic will just put more pressure on Emma, and that's not what she needs!
Miss L.S.P 3/8/15 reply
i'm still here too :) i've been checking periodically over the past few months, but i haven't been commenting since people started being more reasonable about emma's hiatus. don't worry guys, at least some of the old guard is still active, and i won't stop checking for updates anytime soon :)
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 3/17/15 reply
Hey, HP PWNS ALL, I remember you as well :P
blaidd drwg 3/23/15 reply
yayyyy! it's a party over here 🎉🎉🎉
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 3/26/15 reply
Haha! While we wait for the new comic, maybe anyone has any games we could play through the comments? I remember when we had some fun things a while ago in order to get to know each other...
Miss L.S.P 3/27/15 reply
ooh, the "guess what everybody looks like" game and other assorted fallacies? i'm up for more if anyone has any suggestions!
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 3/28/15 reply
Yeah! Anybody have any ideas? Those were fun!
Miss L.S.P 3/29/15 reply
Ooh games! I guess everybody needs to do something before they die of waiting :D I'll just go and search up some games which we all can play.
Logan 3/30/15 reply
Ok well here are some suggestions we all can try.

- Story builder
- Abbreviations
- Where am i?
- What if?
- Emoji songs
- Hangman
- How many words?
- Alphabet stars
- Movie quotes
- Famous first lines

These are some suggestions i thought of. If anyone have any questions about any of the game you are always welcome to ask :]
Logan 3/30/15 reply
Well I have been around only for a few months and i don't really say much in the comments section but after hearing so many impatient people asking for comics for no reason I thought it was time somebody said something about it.
Logan 3/5/15 reply
Haha, that's alright. It's been (much) longer than that since I was last checking in here anyway so that makes sense.
blaidd drwg 3/6/15 reply
Yep. Well it's nice talking to people who understand the situation happening over here and not create a fuss over it! :]
Logan 3/7/15 reply
Hi, Emma. I was at the Kids Read Comics Con thingy last year. I hope to see you again at the Kids Read Comics Con thingy this year! Sorry this is sort of random. Umm... This is awkward. Well, I hope to see you this summer at the Kids Read Comics event (Did I mention that already?). This is still really awkward. Well, bye. XD
Maggieeeeeee :D 2/15/15 reply
People, I understand it's frustrating that we haven't been able to continue with Chapel on her adventures, but I'm sure Emma is under a lot of stress and pressure. She's applying to college and has accepted new projects, but that doesn't mean she's going to stop making comics. We just have to learn to be patient. It'll be okay, and I'm sure things will be back on track soon.
Miss L.S.P 1/27/15 reply
Hey Miss LSP! Thanks for being so understanding! It's exactly as you said -- I've been very busy, but everything will be back on track soon. Thanks everyone!
 Emma  2/4/15 reply
I agree, but this comic came out before Christmas so they had a month to wait. (Actually more)
2/2/15 reply
I know that they had a month to wait, as I've been waiting too. To be a fan, they have to support Emma through everything she's going through. Believe me, I totally understand the frustration, but people don't need to constantly freak out because the comic hasn't been updated. Emma isn't the kind of person to just ditch her fans. She'll pull through!
Miss L.S.P 2/2/15 reply
(p.s. Thanks to everyone who's been kind and patient! (^_^) I'm sure Emma appreciates all the support.)
Miss L.S.P 2/2/15 reply
Thanks guys! I DO really appreciate it! I've been doing this comic on a weekly basis since 8th grade (and I'm a senior now) so even though this break wasn't planned, it's been necessary for me to relax a little bit.
 Emma  2/4/15 reply
Well said and agreed. Lets all clam down a little bit people. I have a feeling something big is gearing up for Emma beyond college.
Sam Tweedle 1/28/15 reply
I AM working on some very exciting new projects which everyone will enjoy! Thanks so much for being understanding Sam.
 Emma  2/4/15 reply
definitely! she's very busy right now; i actually got to talking with her on twitter recently and it's obviously much easier for her to be active there! i'm sure she'd love to hear from all of us on her other social medias, but certainly not demands for new comics. emma is extraordinarily busy these days; i'm happy other chapel readers get this! have a great weekend guys :)
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 1/30/15 reply
What's her name on Twitter?
Regan 2/1/15 reply
If you scroll up on her website, it's the second to last icon.
Simply Me 2/1/15 reply
I would love if you guys chatted with me there! While new comics are slow coming, I would definitely LOVE to talk to all of you whenever. I love & appreciate your continued support of Chapel!
 Emma  2/4/15 reply
Thank you so much for saying this :)
Simply Me 1/28/15 reply
Thank you for agreeing!
 Emma  2/4/15 reply
1/23/15 reply
I know it's been a long while! Thanks for being patient. I make these comics free for everyone to enjoy, but because of that, sometimes "real life" has to be my top priority. I definitely see that you guys are impatient, though, and I'm doing my hardest to get comics for you again! Thanks!
 Emma  2/4/15 reply
1/23/15 reply
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! !! ! !
1/24/15 reply
Could you people just calm down?!?!? She didn't say that she was going to stop making Chapel comics did she? NO! So just calm down and wait till she updates! We have to keep in our mind that Miss Emma is busy too just like any one of us! SO CHILL!
Logan 1/25/15 reply
1/25/15 reply
Hate to burst your bubble, but Emma's world does not revolve around you. She has a life of her own, y'know.
Anonymous Platypus 2/7/15 reply
EVERY CHAPEL FAN WANTS A NEW COMIC RIGHT NOW! We all are aware of this fact! If she isn't going to make new comic this week then you can go and never return to read Chapel again! Gosh! JUST CALM DOWN IMPATIENT PEOPLE!
1/25/15 reply
Thank you! I appreciate it! But I completely understand the impatience, and as soon as I can get new comics up, I will. My life has been very busy right now and it's been a welcome break!
 Emma  2/4/15 reply
1/25/15 reply
1/25/15 reply
This comic came out before Christmas so it is no surprise they are impatient
1/26/15 reply
sorry couldn't help myself
Cupcakes 1/18/15 reply
AH! I love it! I didn't make that connection before!
 Emma  2/4/15 reply
Emily16 1/21/15 reply
This question struck me quiet suddenly and i have been curious since to know the answer. When is Chapel's birthday?
Curiosity killed the cat 1/17/15 reply
Chapel doesn't have a defined birthday! The "birthday" of the comic itself (the anniversary of when i started making Chapel strips) is March 1.
 Emma  2/4/15 reply
Woah! After all these years of reading Chapel , I never even thought about this question!
Logan 1/25/15 reply
Where is the new comic?
1/17/15 reply
I'm sorry for the delay! I promise there will be an update when I can get to it, soon.
 Emma  2/4/15 reply
Where is the new comic?
1/17/15 reply
Where is the new comic?
1/17/15 reply
Where is the new comic?
1/17/15 reply
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . .. . . . . .
!! 1/17/15 reply
Where is the new comic?
1/17/15 reply
I thought that these comics came out every Friday? I feel like I've been waiting forever for the next one!
Robin 1/15/15 reply
It does update Fridays! My schedule has been a bit erratic lately with college apps, but I'll have an announcement soon. Hope you check in tomorrow!
 Emma  1/15/15 reply
How exciting for Chapel! This should be fun. :)
Emily16 1/12/15 reply
I'm excited, too!
 Emma  2/4/15 reply
I miss Chapel… :(
?? 1/7/15 reply
I'm sorry for sporadic updates lately! I miss updating Chapel for you guys, too. I've just been a bit overwhelmed by college apps and needed a break. I hope you understand!
 Emma  2/4/15 reply
me too…
Eye needs new comic 2 1/10/15 reply
Eye needs new comic 1/4/15 reply
How did chapel pack so little? Unlike when she packed for camping.
Eye needs new comic 1/4/15 reply
More suitcases in the car! Don't worry, Chapel wouldn't travel to a fashion capital without a few of her hats.
 Emma  2/4/15 reply
Eye needs new comic 1/4/15 reply
1/4/15 reply
Eye needs new comic 1/4/15 reply
Go, Chapel :)
flower1 12/28/14 reply
I know, it's great for her!
 Emma  2/4/15 reply
Sorry I have been away for so long Miss Emma, for I have just returned from Exodus of my own.

My own Christmas came out alright if you have been wondering.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 12/27/14 reply
I'm so glad all is well with you, Taxil.
 Emma  2/4/15 reply
12/27/14 reply
Yay! So exciting!
Miss L.S.P 12/26/14 reply
I'm so glad you think so!
 Emma  2/4/15 reply
I love the hat on Chapel's bed! Merry Christmas (even though I don't celebrate Christmas)!!!
PizzaLover 12/25/14 reply
Thanks, I love the hat too! Hats are some of my favorite things to draw :)
 Emma  2/4/15 reply
wow! you're moving so fast...it's incredible :)
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 12/23/14 reply
Thanks, HP! I appreciate it!
 Emma  2/4/15 reply
Congrats, Emma, I'm so exited to know more about your costume designing!!
I can't wait to see Chapel in Italy…
Isabella 12/20/14 reply
Thank you so much! I'm excited too!
 Emma  2/4/15 reply
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