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I get busted sometimes for going barefoot at school. I’ve now figured out which teachers have a problem with it and where I can scoot my feet under to hide them.
My teachers weren't very lenient, I got busted just for going round in socks, never mind totally barefoot. Then again, we did have a uniform. No matter though, college this year. >:D

I like the quirky nature of this comic. ^^
Meedle 8/13/12 reply
Shoes are devices of torture. I fail to see how the other girls can fawn over how fancy their shoes are.
6/28/12 reply
Probably the same way Chapel does with her hats.
Frybozu 8/22/12 reply
I'm totally with you on the shoes thing. If I could spend my entire life barefoot I'd do it.
NefariousDrO 11/29/11 reply
I used to do simular things for very different reasons.... I hated PE so much and was glad when high school was over and I could do something way more fun for excercise. Like shopping or lasar tag or LARPing
Stikibunn 11/9/11 reply
I know, PE's the worst, huh? As much as it embarrasses me to say it, I still haven't tried laser tag. I know, I really should get on that at some point!
11/9/11 reply
I too like to go bare foot where i can get away with it. i can confuse and scare people that way into thinking that a Bigfoot was near. i wear a 13 and 1/2 mens, yes, mine are HUGE. on the other hand, after a bad run onto (and though) my foot with a rusty nail. i learned the lesson of knowing where and when to wear good (and nail proof) boots. Learn from my failure Miss Emma.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/7/11 reply NEVERRRRR.
11/7/11 reply
Lol! I always wear flats to school every time we have P.E. so I don't have to run. I prefer the walk-n-talk method of exercise. Her shoes are pretty outrageous! :D
Alli 11/5/11 reply
I always practiced the walk-n-talk method with my friends during the horror known as mile runs! P.E. can be cruel and unusual torture sometimes.
11/5/11 reply
oh, the dreaded mile run!!
11/5/11 reply
as for chapel's shoes... WOW. I can't walk in 5-inch heels to save my life.
11/4/11 reply
I can't walk in 1-inch heels to save my life...(so uncoordinated)
11/5/11 reply
dont your feet get dirty??????????
11/4/11 reply
You get used to it. I really don't care anymore.
11/4/11 reply
I would get busted for even walking out the door with no shoes. Is it fun?
11/4/11 reply
It IS fun!
11/14/11 reply
I used to wear bell bottoms that were too long so I could get away with this very thing!
8/6/11 reply
That's a good trick! I always wear shorts, though, so it's a little more difficult for me...
10/16/11 reply
Haha, I love going barefoot at school. Several boys used to call me the Barefoot Barrel. (I kicked them.)
8/6/11 reply
Glad to hear you're a bare-feet connoisseur as well. And the Barefoot Barrel is actually a pretty cool nickname!
10/16/11 reply
Grazi for mkanig it nice and EZ.
8/2/11 reply
Thanks! :)
10/16/11 reply
Best shoes EVER!!! LOL! :)
7/30/11 reply
I know, right? They're pretty crazy. (And I like to think Chapel bedazzled them herself).
10/16/11 reply
i love chapel's shoes!!! i couldn't walk in them, but...who cares??? i'd wear em anyway.
11/13/11 reply
Ha ha! I don't know how ANYONE could walk in those, but people do, so...
11/14/11 reply
it looks impossible!!! (stupid's sis)
11/14/11 reply
I know, right?
11/14/11 reply
11/15/11 reply
was chapel inspired by something?
11/15/11 reply
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