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I came home one day to find that my mom spontaneously had gotten infected with Bieber Fever. It was incredibly disturbing, and now she torments me with his songs all day long, so I’m forced to torment her with the Beatles as revenge. She claims I play songs too many times in a row – but there she is with “Somebody to Love” on repeat all day long!
Way to go with the Beatles! Personaly I would go with Queen but thats realy just because I have no Beatles CDs. My parents also complain when I play songs on repeat they don't get that it helps me concentrate on homework.
8/23/12 reply
Okay, I just went and listened to the Bieber "Somebody to Love", expecting it to be the remake of the Jefferson Airplane song, and instead left less than halfway through.

Next time your mom plays the Bieber "Somebody to Love", respond with the Jefferson Airplane (or Queen) "Somebody to Love"

1/13/12 reply
This remains by far my favorite of all your strips of chapel...
11/19/11 reply
Awww, thank you! I'm really fond of this one as well.
11/19/11 reply
Puppy luver 2/27/12 reply
My father once invited some of his friends for a night of card games. At around half past one after midnight someone got the brilliant idea to turn up the radio real loud. And this when I had to get up and go to school the next morning!

I responded with two minutes of 'Sepultura - Roots Bloody Roots' at the necessary volume. After that, I didn't hear from them for the rest of the night.
Andreas 11/18/11 reply
Oh gosh that's a GREAT method of retaliation! Luckily no one in my family is a "party person" (as in it's a social EVENT when we go on, say, a walk around the block) so I've never had that problem!
11/19/11 reply
when you said "Somebody to Love" i got excited for a minute and thought you were talking about Queen.
Nicole 11/14/11 reply
Sadly, no. Queen's the best!
11/14/11 reply
It could have been worse Miss Emma, your mother could have been one of those "Twilight Moms"
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/7/11 reply
Oh, she is. Yup. She's watched the movies and read the first book, and one time she even watched the 1st movie right outside my room when I was trying to do my homework. UGHHHHHH. THE HORROR.
11/7/11 reply
Your mom is something else
5/22/12 reply
Wow. Luckily my parents hate justin bieber. Poor you Emma!
11/3/11 reply
I know, it's tough! (I type this with my mom blasting her pop music in the other room). At least my dad shares my taste in music, so it's not *all* bad.
11/4/11 reply
Or somebody to Love Jefferson Airplane vs. Queen. Just leave Bieber out of the equation entirely.
8/14/11 reply
Ooh, Jefferson Airplane vs. Queen...I wouldn't know who to pick!
10/16/11 reply
Pick Lynyard Skynyrd. ALWAYS! >)
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/7/11 reply
The only song of theirs that I like is "Sweet Home Alabama." I know, I know, very predictable of me.
11/7/11 reply
NO! I hate you, Justin Bieber! You're creepy and look like a stalker! (Lady Gaga is creepy too...)
8/6/11 reply
I'm glad someone agrees with my opinion on Bieber!
10/16/11 reply
the day Bieber first sang our ears were doomed....................................
11/19/11 reply
11/19/11 reply
Dag nabbit good stuff you whipprsenappers!
8/2/11 reply
Ha ha! Whippersnappers indeed!
10/16/11 reply
You should have a battle of Somebody to Loves... Queen vs. Bieber!
8/1/11 reply
I would back Queen all the way.
10/16/11 reply
Me too.
11/4/11 reply
Lol! I'm lucky my parents HATE Justin Bieber.
7/30/11 reply
You ARE lucky! At least my dad shares my musical tastes...
10/16/11 reply
I think this is my favourite yet. Persistence is the key!
7/30/11 reply
10/16/11 reply
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