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Tip to parents: If your child is marching around with a protest sign and a “Democracy Now” headband, maybe you should consider getting them the damn puppy.
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You said a bad word. :-( (damn)
Lily 6/18/12 reply
I liked the headband especially!
Ginny Weasley fan 11/4/11 reply
It was a pain to write the lettering so small though!
Emma 11/4/11 reply
I marched around my house waving that sign that says
PUPPY OR BUST. It was just like this in all but one detail. Mom did not get me a Golden Retriever puppy.
Averyc 9/20/11 reply
Oh yes, I saw the photo of you with your sign! Good luck on the puppy campaign - Golden Retrievers are the best!
Emma (admin) 10/16/11 reply
Beautiful concept. :)
moebius 8/6/11 reply
Thank you!
Emma (admin) 10/16/11 reply
haha i luv that puppy or bust
8/6/11 reply
Glad to hear it! I thought it was a pretty funny protest sign, myself...
Emma (admin) 10/16/11 reply
When my mom told me we were getting a kitten, I almost had a heart attack from joy. I probably looked something like Chapel xD
LS 8/6/11 reply
Aww! That's nice that you got a kitten! I had a lot of fun drawing Chapel's face in that panel...
Emma (admin) 10/16/11 reply
Love it!!! I know how chapel feels, both me and my brother begged for months to get a puppy. When our parents finally agreed, we were soooo happy!! =)
Rae 8/6/11 reply
Lucky you! I've had to give up petitioning for a pet at this point...
Emma (admin) 10/16/11 reply
Success! (I love your cartoons, btw.) My wife begged for a puppy for months, and when I said yes she acted just like Chapel. Some things don't change no matter how old you get.
Invisible Mikey 8/5/11 reply
Thank you! I'm glad lots of people can relate to my comics.
Emma (admin) 10/16/11 reply
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