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Hedgehog leashes are an actual product. I’m not even kidding. And also, Rupert is possibly the most adorable accessory ever made.
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Another odd leash I know to exist--snake leashes!
I once met a woman with a baby iguana and baby boa constrictor and she had leashes for both, and often let one or the other perch on her noggin.
Thanks for this strip, i'd forgotten about her until reading it :)
pookarah 11/13/11 reply
We used to have a pet boa constrictor at school, but it didn't have a leash! Hedgehog leashes kind of make sense, but snake leashes are WEIRD.
Emma 11/13/11 reply
Rupert looks cute on chapel's head!
Ginny Weasley fan 11/4/11 reply
I originally designed him so that his shape would mimic the shape of her hair!
Emma 11/5/11 reply
Is that a Weird Al reference? (True, Perform This Way mentioned a porcupine, not a hedgehog, but...)
Matt 9/7/11 reply
No, it wasn't an (intentional) Weird Al reference, although I am a big fan!
Emma (admin) 10/16/11 reply
so loving Sir Rupert!
Rocheal 9/4/11 reply
Great to hear it! He's a favorite of mine, for sure! Unfortunately having hedgehogs as pets is illegal in California, so I can't get one.
Emma (admin) 10/16/11 reply
I luv this :D
Ashlynn 14 9/3/11 reply
Thank you! I love hearing from people who enjoy my comic!
Emma (admin) 10/16/11 reply
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