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This was inspired by the time when I was at a friend’s house and attempted to play a video game for the first time ever. Also, the title is a reference to Steve Capps, my dad’s, music game for the Macintosh.
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She doesn't have as many hats as
a chief petty officer I used to know!
subdude 7/6/13 reply
Oh really?
 Emma  7/27/13 reply
I actually play guitar and am reasonably good at Guitar Hero. Weird, huh?
Greaaat, now people are going to accuse me of witchcraft or something. :] kidding
Clockwork Wombat 10/11/12 reply
Witchcraft, indeed!
 Emma  3/8/13 reply
This reminds me of the time I played DS for the first time. Enough said.
Ginny Weasley fan 11/5/11 reply
I know, video games and I have never really gotten along either!
 Emma  11/5/11 reply
Ginny Weasley fan 11/5/11 reply
although I've gotten better at it, but for some unknown reason I am more interested in doing handstands all around the apartment. Which is odd that I still like it because I keep hurting my toes..........
Ginny Weasley fan 12/22/11 reply
Hey, Chapel, how about a jam session? I brought two guitars. Teehee. He doesnt know Im taking guitar lessons. Youre on! What kind of plastic guitar is THIS? Its flimsy plastic! Huh?! Oh . . . havent you ever played Guitar Hero before? Well, just follow my lead. Ah! What are these colored dots? Am I supposed to press something? I dont get this! CLACK CLACK CLACK BOO BOO Lets see . . . I got a Superstar rank. Yay! Oh . . . thats too bad. You got a You suck. I never said I was good VIRTUAL guitarist.
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