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I’ve never played Risk, but I like how the tank turned out.
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The tank is AWESOME! Hmm... If Chapel was dictator of the world, would she come up with laws about a minimum number of hats or something?
Clockwork Wombat 10/12/12 reply
 Emma  3/8/13 reply
Hahaha.... that's so funny! I just took over your country!!!!
Blarb123 1/19/12 reply
Well, that's what happens when you play Risk!
 Emma  10/7/12 reply
where does chapel live?
Ginny Weasley fan 11/19/11 reply
That has not been revealed in the comic yet! You'll have to wait and see!
 Emma  11/19/11 reply
The classic board games are great. But shall i suggest a new one that would give Miss Chapel a chance against Fred. it's called "Settlers of Catan" and I am sure it will be the next big thing to monopoly. here is a link.

Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/7/11 reply
(ahem) i guess the link did not post. let me try that again.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/7/11 reply
grr.... anyway it's catan dot com.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/7/11 reply
It's okay! I've already played Settlers of Catan and love it. I'm still trying to work it into one of the Chapel vs. Fred strips :)
 Emma  11/7/11 reply
Risk is impossible with two players. You'll always get awful countries.
By the way, I'm 14 too and I'm loving this comic. I heard you had a story published in Stone Soup?
Delaney 10/17/11 reply
Huh, I didn't know that Risk was that tough with 2 players! It's great that you're 14 as well, I like hearing from other kids my age! I actually had 3 stories published in Stone Soup (which I illustrated myself) and I also did the illustrations for 2 stories by different authors. You can see all my published pieces at the "About Emma" tab above. Do you read Stone Soup, too? Anyway, thanks a lot for reading & commenting!
 Emma  10/17/11 reply
Yeah, I read Stone Soup for a while but I only had a subscription for around a year. I really wanted to submit something but I never got around to it.
By the way, the only person I ever play Risk with is also named Emma. Quelle coincidence.
Delaney 10/21/11 reply
That IS a funny coincidence! You know, Teen Ink, Creative Kids, and Cicada are all good magazines to submit work for us too-old-for-Stone-Soup kids, you should check them out! Cicada in particular is really well-designed and has some great magical realism pieces.
 Emma  10/21/11 reply
Woah. Ur 14? WOAH. I bet some adults couldn't draw this well! I think this comic is awesome! When I read this, i imediatly thught of "Your Gonna Go Far, Kid" By the Offspring!
Haisen 8/8/12 reply
Oh wow, THANK YOU! I'm 15 now, but that's still very flattering!
 Emma  10/7/12 reply
First, the state. KID GOVERNOR CHAPEL SMITH. MEET CHAPEL NEW GOVERNOR. CHAPEL SMITH NEW GOV. Then, the country. PRESIDENT CHAPEL WINS AGAIN! Next up: edging out the competition IN A CONQUEST OF THE WORLD!! MWA HA HA HA HA HA! CHUGGA CHUGGA CHUGGA Um. . . Chapel? I just took over your country. Oh ho ho . . . Chapel dictator of the world.
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