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My parents and I always joke that our 5 month old puppy, Sunny, seems to be asleep for about 75% of her day. Considering that her life consists of walks, getting petted, and eating, we have no idea what there is in her life to tucker her out constantly! My friends’ cats do this as well – is it just a pet thing? Honestly, I wish I could get enough time in my day to laze about just like dogs and cats do – it seems like an idyllic existence! (Actually, I don’t think I would like it that much, because I wouldn’t get to draw cartoons that way). Anyway, I wanted to do a comic where Chapel is also faced with this perplexing pet behavior and then is forced to confront the idea that her concept of a “stressful life” is nothing compared to that of an adult. I’m sure the adult Chapelites can attest to that!

Do your pets sleep a lot too? I don’t know why, but I find this phenomenon really hilarious for some reason, just seeing pets tuckered out everywhere…Sunny, for example, loves to sleep in hilariously awkward positions – with one half of her body draped over my arm, for example, or with her head propped up on my graphics tablet as I’m coloring a Chapel comic!
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