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Originally, this strip had a different ending, but I just had to throw some HP love into the mix.
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I absolutely love Harry Potter. It’s such a brilliant concoction, if I can use that word. I loved nearly every bit of it!
Sahir. 9/27/13 reply
I like it as well -- and so does Chapel!
 Emma  11/7/13 reply
emma from reading your comic is it safe for me to asume that you ,like a good portion of my class and yes this portion includes me, are a Dr who/ harry potter fan?
rowan rhed 3/8/13 reply
Yes! I'm not a super active fan as I've stopped watching Doctor Who and of course the HP books are done, but I definitely love both.
 Emma  3/8/13 reply
HP love = Dumbledore voodoo.
HP Lovecraft = Cthulu voodoo.
Clockwork Wombat 12/2/12 reply
Have any of you seen the movie? It’s a short, black-and-white, silent film. And it’s SCARY. All those crazed guys grooving to the ‘call of the Cthulu’.
Sahir. 9/27/13 reply
Ha ha! Cthulu voodoo is great!
 Emma  3/8/13 reply
Bahahahahahahahaha! You just made my morning!
TsunamiJane 2/25/13 reply
That sounds like me! I will look all over the place for example, my glasses and say, "WHERE ARE THEY I JUST SAW THEM!!!" and then I will realize I'm holding them!!! :P
Clockwork Wombat 10/12/12 reply
Ha ha! That happens to me all the time!
 Emma  11/18/12 reply
sometimes, i ask people if they've seen my (fill in object) anywhere when i'm holding it. when they point that out, I'm like, "oh."
musicmania64 1/9/12 reply
Ha ha, that happens to me, too! :D
 Emma  1/9/12 reply
Wow, Emma! Well done! I'm having a lot of fun catching up on your work! This one made me giggle a lot! Just this morning, I was getting ready for work, and talking to my friend on the phone. She heard me getting more and more freaked out and asked me what was wrong! I answered "Well, I can't seem to find my phone anywhere! I'm going to be late and I need it for work!" She was kind enough to point out I was talking on it, and keeps texting me to laugh at me >.<
Samisue 11/9/11 reply
Oh my god, I can't believe I didn't see this comment until now! That made me laugh out loud.
 Emma  1/9/12 reply
Um... Is it just me or was chapel's math journal right there on the table next to her???????
Ginny Weasley fan 11/4/11 reply
Yup, that's the point! I'm so bad at finding things, I do the exact same thing as Chapel does.
 Emma  11/4/11 reply
Yes, me too. Some times i will wonder where my glasses are, and they are right on my nose.
Ginny Weasley fan 11/4/11 reply
that happens to me so often like sometimes i put my glasses on my for head and i after a little while i freak out cause i forgot that they are there
rowan rhed 3/8/13 reply
I wear contacts so I don't have that problem as much, but I can literally be HOLDING my favorite pencil in one hand and shout to the entire house "Where the heck did I put my pencil?!"
 Emma  11/4/11 reply
thats bad
Ginny Weasley fan 11/4/11 reply
 Emma  11/5/11 reply
Hey, that happens to me! It's terrible. Especially when they're prescription.
One would think I could tell.
werekitty13 8/11/12 reply
What is dumbledore voodoo anyway

I don't think voodoo was ever even mentioned in Harry potter that's why this is so funny.
dawnflower8 11/18/12 reply
I'm so glad you like it!
 Emma  11/18/12 reply
dawnflower8 11/27/12 reply
Omg.....dumbledore has a fez
Emma, your undiscovered twin 11/1/11 reply
Fezzes are cool.
Emilie 11/4/11 reply
I don't think it's really a fez...Actually what am I saying, I have no idea what kind of hat it is, I just drew it off a picture!
 Emma  11/4/11 reply
Ginny Weasley fan 11/4/11 reply

I should post a picture of me wearing my vintage fez or something.
 Emma  11/4/11 reply
That would be cool
Ginny Weasley fan 11/4/11 reply
I'm lazy, though.
 Emma  11/4/11 reply
I wanna see teh pic! Fezzes FTW!
Haisen 8/8/12 reply
You have a vintage fez?
You have a FEZ?! *jealousy*
I guess I shouldn't be surprised, though.
werekitty13 8/11/12 reply
Math journal . . . math journal . . where IS is? Maybe some Dumbledore voodoo can help me out. ACCIO JOURNAL! BUMP. MATH. The power of Hogwards prevails once again. MATH.
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