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The guy who posted the Honey Badger video on Youtube is probably already starting production on a “Hedgehog Crazy Dance” t-shirt, maybe even making little tiny ones for the hedgies themselves. As the title of this comic says: Move over Honey Badger, there’s a new famous animal in town, and his name is Sir Rupert Tennyson Bollingsworth the First!

I like to imagine Barnaby buying one of the “Hedgehog Crazy Dance” t-shirts, just to needle Chapel with Rupert’s embarrassing 15 minutes of fame.

If you haven’t seen it, watch the Honey Badger video (Warning: the language is a bit adult).
Ouch. My dog would never do that. I could make her look like she was, though, with iMovie. It's only on MacBooks, though.
ilovepie81 2/27/13
Wow, that would take some amazing iMovie skills...
 Emma  3/8/13
These are awesome! Such fun to read them.
Clem 12/1/12
I'm so happy you like them! I would love it if you kept reading and commenting -- there's a new comic every Friday!
 Emma  12/1/12
Forgive me for asking this so late in the game, I understand that 'Honey Badger' is an internet meme, and that the last meme with which I was really familiar was the "All your base are belong to us"... I have heard others mention the Honey Badger, but it always goes something along the lines of "Honey Badger just don't give !" Is that a variation of this meme, or is it more to do with the character of those with whom I associate?
Miles 11/15/12
the honey badger meme came from a youtube "re-voice over" of a national geographic nature clip. it was a direct quote from it. i found it amusing.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/16/12
Honey Badger, as Taxil says below, is a voice-over of a National Geographic documentary clip about honey badgers! The person who voiced it over essentially retained most of the original clip's information, but he stuck in some funny lines and vernacular to make it educational yet still really hilarious.
 Emma  11/16/12
Hedgehog don't care!
Clockwork Wombat 11/12/12
Rupert certainly doesn't, it's true!
 Emma  11/12/12
Rupert should leverage this into a film career!
Stig Hemmer 11/11/12
Yes, he really should -- he could make it big!
 Emma  11/12/12
he could he's very adorable, he would just have to be careful not to get mobbed by adoring fans....
Miss L.S.P 11/13/12
True! I could see them chasing after him and asking for autographs!!
 Emma  11/13/12
Oooh! then his chauffeur would escort him into his hedgie limo and be all like, "This way, Mr. Bollingsworth." I would be laughing more than if if I saw the Doctor and Rose on a small, unusually chilly street looking for... heh heh you know...
Clockwork Wombat 11/16/12
And I would be one of them, because who WOULDN'T want to get an autograph from a hedgehog?
Emily14 11/13/12
Ha ha!!! I wonder how he'd do it...dip his prickles in ink maybe?
 Emma  11/13/12
Aww... hedgie prints!
Miss L.S.P 11/13/12
He could be in the next star wars movie
CrazyChick 11/13/12
I was just rereading the Modest Medusa Season 1 book, and noticed in the credits at the end, your name is on the line directly above mine! I just thought it interesting enough to share, I guess.
Miles 11/11/12
Modest Medusa you say? I read that comic a bit. Oh my Dear Miss Emma, your influence is growing faster than i thought.

I wonder, has any other web comic creators have even contacted you for co-authoring work or something like that yet?
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/11/12
Well, this particular thing that he's talking about was my name listed in a section of many people who used Kickstarter to help fund the Modest Medusa book.

I actually have done some collaborations of the sort, I filled in for Jake and drew a guest strip of Modest Medusa a month or two ago and have some various other projects in the works with different creators.
 Emma  11/11/12
you did a guest strip? can we get a link to see it?
Dr Taxil Necrobane 11/12/12
GAH! I would love to do that kinda stuff, but despite having mildly awesome drawing skillz, I am terrible at comics theory and publicity. :^(
Clockwork Wombat 11/12/12
Yes, I was also a Kickstarter backer for the Modest Medusa book! In fact, the author of Modest Medusa and I are friends, with plans to be tablemates at a convention called Stumptown this coming spring.
 Emma  11/11/12
Poor Rupert!!
Ginny Weasley fan 11/10/12
I know, right?
 Emma  11/11/12
Yes, although it is interesting to see....
Miss L.S.P 11/12/12
So where did you get the name for your store?
CrazyChick 11/10/12
I made it up! "Pepping" is the last name of a character from my other non-Chapel project, so I stuck it in as part of the market's name.
 Emma  11/10/12
Oh okay i was wondering if it was a reference to something
CrazyChick 11/10/12
open up your local phone book. You might be amazed at the names of your own local stores and companies.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/11/12
True...there are some amazing things out there!
 Emma  11/11/12
Nope, it wasn't a reference!
 Emma  11/11/12
This... is the Hedgehog version of my Jack Russell.
Riv 11/10/12
Oh my gosh! Sunny, my dog, doesn't do a dance outside stores, but she does bark sometimes....
 Emma  11/10/12
Aww well, honey badger just don't care....
Miss L.S.P 11/9/12
Yep! Rupert is a little more distressed than the honey badger was, though...
 Emma  11/9/12
Yeah... just a little :)
Miss L.S.P 11/10/12
 Emma  11/10/12
A honey Badger would tear the leash or the post apart first.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/10/12
Yep! Most likely...
Miss L.S.P 11/10/12
Chapel better get on the phone and call that guy and jump in on this. Rupert might be the next Maru the cat.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/9/12
Chapel doesn't know how to contact the guy, sadly! Luckily, since hedgehogs all look pretty similar, I doubt anyone will recognize Rupert from the video...
 Emma  11/9/12
if the guy has a youtube account, he can be found. trust me, it's easier to track people then you realize. but sadly, i dought Chapel knows how to do it.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/9/12
Ah, true...but I don't think Chapel would want that really! She'd rather forget the whole thing!
 Emma  11/10/12
Youtube! Making whole bunch of people celebrities every day! (c)TM
Elm 11/9/12
sadly, this is true. even if they don't deserve being one.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/9/12
*coughcough* Justin Bieber *coughcough*
Emily14 11/9/12
Well, at least he sings...A lot of people who've briefly gotten famous through a Youtube viral video didn't really DO anything besides have some random video snippet get famous.
 Emma  11/9/12
Ginny Weasley fan 11/11/12
 Emma  11/9/12
Yeah, definitely...brief Youtube fame is a weird thing!
 Emma  11/9/12
So cute love rupert
Yarin 11/9/12
Thank you!! Yeah, Rupert is SUCH a cutie, isn't he? Poor thing, though, getting himself all tangled...
 Emma  11/9/12
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