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This is the beginning of a series that will be the last of Season Three of The Chapel Chronicles! Season Four will start afterwards, but you can be sure Season Three will go out with a bang!

Here, I wanted to use a play on words of the title “Buried in Paperwork” as a visual metaphor. The accumulation of failed designs is a good way of showing the passage of time, and also just how hard Chapel’s working on her design. Since this contest means the world to her, she’s being careful about only picking the perfect outfit design!

Originally, I had a different strip that was supposed to go up this week instead of this one. However, I decided that the art wasn’t where I wanted it to be and the strip itself was adding little to my overall storyline. Since I had drawn this one a week ahead, I adjusted the story to make it stronger! In art and writing, you frequently have to reshuffle pages and not be afraid to edit things (however painful it might be) to get them into their best shape. Sometimes it can be hard to admit that your first instinct or idea wasn’t working like you thought it would, but once you realize that, your new work will become even better.

Also, yesterday was Thanksgiving, and I wanted to let you all know that Chapel’s readership was one of the things that I am very thankful for! Without all of you, I wouldn’t get to spend my time drawing fantastic comics every week. Thank you!
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