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In case you enjoy these commentaries of mine, I’ve started using my Blogspot blog again! While I have my tumblr for illustrations, it’s not a format really suited to long and wordy posts. When I first started doing my Blogspot, I was uncomfortable with the format and tone, but after a year of writing these commentaries I’m ready to go back to it! While the commentary provides behind-the-scenes info in the comics, my blog posts will do the same for my general life and art – so if you want to know me a little better, go check it out! I’ll post every Thursday!

My mom and I recently started watching a TV show called Arrow, which is pretty intense! It’s based upon the Green Arrow comics, which I haven’t read yet. The main actor does some crazy stunts like this “salmon ladder” one in the pilot. Can you spot a place in this strip where I snuck in an homage to Arrow? There are also two other TV shows referenced in this comic, see if you can spot them!
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check out Emma T Capps new web comic SUNNY, The League of Fonts THE LEAGUE OF FONTS is where typefaces are born. Every time a font is created in the world, it manifests as a living, breathing, Font – human for all intents and purposes, but unable to age or die unless their typeface falls into disuse. They live together on the League of Fonts, which serves as a secret island hub, bustling corporation, and home. It’s a world full of its own internal intrigues like any office, and Times New Roman is its powerful CEO. He’s got a lot on his plate lately: planning the League’s famous Decennial party, struggling with modern technology, and hiding his embarrassing addiction to the Twilight movies. Times New Roman is confident he can keep everything under control…but what’s an old font to do when a young boy named Louis Pepping accidentally stumbles onto the secrets of the League? Find out every Wednesday!