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Next week is the final comic in Season Three – and I promise it’ll be a good one! After that, there will be two weeks of special comics: one for Christmas, and one for New Year’s. Season Four will then begin at the start of 2013, so make sure to be there!

It’s safe to say that this comic is taking place in the afternoon (since the concert isn’t a matinee) but I drew Chapel in her pajamas with her hair down to indicate that she’d been obsessing over what to wear all day. And in case you were wondering what her mom is cooking, the answer is – crepes! Chapel’s mom is following my favorite super-simple crepe recipe, which goes as such: 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup flour, and 1 egg for every portion of crepes.

And you may notice that her 1/2 cup measure looks, shall we say -- a little prickly? That’s because it’s one of these fabulous Hedgie Measuring Cups I found on an online store called Anthropologie! They’d make a good stocking stuffer for any twee-loving baker!
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